During this term we will be preparing for our performance in the BRBAC Arts Festival so please keep Saturday 16th April (which is the first weekend after we go back to school after Easter) free. There will be a technical/dress rehearsal at some point in the afternoon and the performance will start at 7.30pm. Tickets will be available from the Harlequin box office soon. Also our dress rehearsal will be the first week of term Tuesday 12th April, another really important date for your diaries.

PLAY IN A DAY – those of you aged 10+ will also be able to apply to take part in a Play in a Day on Saturday 16th April at the Harlequin. It is a long day as you create the 15 minute play between 9am and 6pm with the rest of the cast and will then perform it in the evening as well as performing our Orbit Shed play, however it is a really exciting and inspiring experience so please consider applying. Places will be limited as this opportunity is offered to the whole local community on a first come first served basis.

Because we are preparing for a show there will be some alterations to times compared to our normal sessions so please keep an eye out for messages. We will confirm exact times for joint sessions and dress rehearsal when we are a bit nearer and see how much time we need to put together everything the groups will have prepared separately.